we basically date each other that's it
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What is the package if you don't care to answer?

its no biggie

its two rilakkuma plushies 

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I wish I could tell you what to do but I didn't even know what a postal loop was until you told me :(

aww nonny its okay

i just have to go bug usps a lot, which is what ive been doing the past few days sigh

i looked it up and found ppl who experienced the same thing and they said thatthey did get their package, but it took a while, sigh

@dinahjane97: Biggie X Smalls 

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What's a postal loop?

when mail/package keeps being sent back and forth between facilities or post offices bc of a label error

in my case the last two numbers of my zip code were flipped, but everything else is right, idk why they cant figure that out -_-